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Auditions are hot and so are Audition tapes. All newbie porn stars go through an audition. This is where they get to show off their skills and get to stardom. They are instructed to do a certain task and selected on how well they perform. There are some auditions in which they are asked to do what they will; masturbating or peeing or having sex.
There has been a heavy inflow of teens from India for auditioning and a good majority of them are NRI girls. They start off as amateurs and soon become professionals. This Audition tape is the first one by Zarina Masoud.
Sexy Indian babe peeing in public
Watch amateur porn star Zarina Masoud peeing in public. It’s her audition tape and she is so wild. The setting is in an old and abandoned tunnel and Zarina is dressed in formal clothes. Its day time and she is wary of anybody who might just walk in. The camera woman focuses her cam at Zarina and she gives us a quick peek of her semi nude body.
She is so nervous that she wants to pee. This is not seen in auditions and the girls think that this will click. Zarina pulls down her pants to show her naturally hairy muff. She squats on the floor and pees for the camera. She is not yet ready to take off her top off as the setting is open to all.
They come again to the setting and this time she is a bit bolder, She is topless under her coat and is ready to show off. She is a bit nervous and wants to pee again and this time over she is ready to do anything, The camera woman suggests that she pee while leaning towards the railings. This is hot as we can see her peeing while standing. Zarina is turned on and she fingers herself for the cam.